Learning Supports

We realize just how hard it is to raise a child that cannot absorb information as fast as the average student and who requires some degree of additional help. You have a right to support from the educational system, but all too many times you seem to have to fight to get the help that will make all the difference in your child's future. We hope that this page can give you some extra assistance. If you have any helpful hints please email us so that we can share them with the rest of the planet.

Special Ed Road Maps

This a short list of resources that can help you find your way through the educational system and allow you to fully utilize it for your child's benefit.

Where to get Materials

Search our resources for places that offer catalogs of resources for children with learning disabilities.


Do you think your child may have difficulty learning? Do you have questions about your child's physical, mental or social development? This service can get you information on many topics in this area.


What can you do when you and the school system disagree as to the appropriate program for your child? Mediation may provide a way to remove the roadblock and get you both working toward the same end.


If you are looking for help outside the educational system you probably need a tutor. We are still looking for tutors in the region who are familiar with adoption issues. It is proving much harder than we expected to locate tutors with experience in working with children with disabilities. We would welcome any comments and any recommendations based on your experiences.