Annual Adoption and Permanency Conference

The Color of Love

A conference for Adoptive, Foster & Kinship Families

Date: November 21, 2015

Hosted by: Together as Adoptive Parents (TAP) Inc. 


The conference will be held at:

Friends Center
1501 Cherry St.
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Registration and Fees

If received by November 16th:

  • $20 per person for resource families
  • $40 for professionals

If received after November 16th:

  • $30 per person for resource families
  • $50 for professionals

Training Certificates for families -- no cost

CEU's for professionals -- $20

Please complete the registration form online or send in the paper copy along with a check or money order to:

TAP Inc.
478 Moyer Rd.
Harleysville, PA 19438-2302 

If you have an questions please call the TAP office at 215-256-0669. A brochure is available with more information.


Free childcare is provided however it is limited to 75 children from ages 4-16.

This year we will be taking ages 8-16 to the Franklin Institute. Each child must have a completed and signed permission form for each child before getting on the bus. The cost is free. The bus will be leaving at 9:30 am. 

Ages 4-7 will be staying at the church.

Lunch will be provided for both groups.

Conference Speakers

Keynote Speaker - The Krentz Family

Garry and his wife Becky are the proud adoptive parents of a sibling group of three African American sisters, Ayanna 16, Jasmine 15, and Kenzie 14. Being a trans-racial family has created so many blessings while at the same time creating life changing experiences. Garry and Becky also have two adult biological daughters and three grandchildren. Their journey started after being resource parents for only a few months when they realized that there were several areas of concern in the child welfare system.

Keynote Speaker - The Powell Family

Darnell is an African American man raising his 8 year old daughter Caylah who is Caucasian. Darnell will share his blessings and challenges as a single man raising his daughter in a predominantly African American neighborhood and school.


Session A 

Section 1

Title: Preparing children already in the home for a new placement
Presenter: Georgiann Unger - SWAN, Technical Assistant and Trainer

One of the most important is how to prepare those children already in their home, for the arrival of a new child. This workshop will discuss the issues of how to prepare those children in the home for the arrival, what information to share, how to communicate feelings and the changes in parenting styles and the role of birth order.

Section 2

Title: A gardener's guide to cultivating lives forever
Presenter: Nakiba Quarles, B.S., PSRFA and TAP board member

This workshop will engage resource parents with the idea of them being gardeners in the lives of children in foster care. The goal is to make resource parents aware of the role they play in the lives of children that are being planted in their homes, through the interactive session involving the gardening of live plants.

Session B

Section 1

Title: Partnering with birth parents for permanency
Presenter: Georgiann Unger - SWAN, Technical Assistant and Trainer

This workshop explores how resource parents can serve as mentors for birth parents and therefore can reduce the amount of time in placement. They can also become continued supports for the biological parents and the children, so that the child does not suffer yet another loss, and has a stronger support network.

Section 2

Title: Body, image, health and beauty in relation to nutrition
Presenter: Kia M. Cook - Nurtitional Science Penn State University

The workshop will discuss what body image is and the impact it has on ourselves as individuals and it’s relation to nutrition. There will be an open discuss on health and beauty and how diet greatly impact both.