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Taplink is a resource website for adoptive, foster, and kinship families that brings local resources from across your state into one central accessible place.

The goal of this website is to strengthen and empower families and give them the tools that they need to parent children from tough places.

Post adoption/permanency support and services will help adoptive, foster and kinship parents in understanding and addressing issues related to their child’s loss, separation, trauma, attachment, and identity. It will also help children and youth deal with their emotions, losses, and come to terms with their experiences and present circumstances.

We believe that the adoption, foster, or kinship road should never be walked alone and that no family or child should have to figure out where to find help.

Together as Adoptive Parents, Inc., (TAP) the host of this website is a nonprofit organization and is dedicated to providing support and resources to Pennsylvania’s adoptive, foster and kinship families. We are an all-volunteer organization so please consider donating to keep the site running.

If you cannot find the information that you need on our site please contact us at (215) 256-0669 or We value all of your feedback.